IAN STEEDMAN (Manchester): Subjective Value Theory. The case of P. H. Wicksteed

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The subjective approach to value theory will be presented not in general terms but, rather, via the work of a leading exponent, P. H. Wicksteed (1844 - 1927). He is a suitable vehicle not only because he went into such detail but also because he was both strenuously opposed to the caricature figure of "the economic man" and very clear about the "social" nature of the individual. He is thus a powerful counter example to the stereotype of a subjectivist often encountered in anti-subjectivist work.

Kurzbiographie Univ. -Prof. Dr. Ian Steedman
Ian Steedman, geb. 1941 in London; studierte an der Universität Cambridge und an der Universität Manchester; seit 1995 Research Professor für Ökonomie am Department of Economics der Universität Manchester; war Gastprofessor an verschiedenen europäischen und nordamerikanischen Universitäten.

Forschungsschwerpunkte: Geschichte der Ökonomie; Wert, Verteilung, Kapital- und Produktionstheorie; die Rolle von Glaubenshaltungen in der Konsumententheorie.

Bücher (Auswahl): The Value Controversy (gemeinsam mit Paul Sweezy, 1982); From Exploitation to Altruism (1989); The Co-ordination of the Laws of Distribution (Hg., 1992); Collected Works of Philip Henry Wicksteed (Hg., 1998).


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