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jaws24 release party on November 15th, 2012

It was a fun night, and for the first time took place in the lovely Uni Café in the English Department building. Have a look at these lovely photos!


jaws23jaws23 release party on may 2nd, 2012

It included a poetry reading, live music by Michael Pettenhofer and Armin Sauseng and yummy party food.

Where: at the English Department
(Heinrichstrasse 36) SR 11.11
When: 7pm

jaws22jaws22 release party on november 24th, 2011

Check out the photos from the party!




jaws21jaws21 release party on april 14th, 2011

Come and join us to celebrate the release of the new spring issue of jaws!

As usual we will have a poetry reading and a little buffet with drinks and snacks for you!

Where: at the ground floor of the English Department (Heinrichstraße 36)
When: starting at 7 pm

Update: check out the photos from the party!

jaws20jaws birthday party on nov. 11th, 2010

Celebrate the happy times
Raise a glass with cheer
Come celebrate with JAWS
in honor of incredible 10th year!

jaws is having a birthday party and you are invited… On November 11th, we will celebrate the release of jaws20!

Where: at the ground floor of the English Department (Heinrichstraße 36)
When: starting at 7 pm

Don’t miss the big jaws birthday bash with live music, a poetry reading, and a great buffet! This is your chance to be among the first people to buy the legendary anniversary issue and maybe win a prize at our raffle!

jaws17 jaws17 release party on march 26th, 2009

Here we go again! The new jaws issue is here and ready to be celebrated and worshipped. Tons of funky fresh poems and short stories by young and talented students, ready to change the collapsing world. The release party will be on

Tuesday, March 26th at 7 pm
at the Propeller (Zinzendorfgasse 17)

What you deserve is what you get, you wanna know but you don't know it yet! I can just give you this little hint there is going to be some poetry, drinks and stories. Read your own poems or listen and learn.

jaws16jaws16 release party on november 11th, 2008

It's time for a celebration. jaws16 will present itself in all its splendour on:

Tuesday, November 11th at 6.30 pm
at the Propeller (Zinzendorfgasse 17)

Poetry readings, the new jaws buttons and the second jaws literature quiz where you can win a fabulous prize!!! Free vouchers for the Anglistik Café and the Office Pub!

See you there!
The JAWS Team

jaws literature quiz - the winner!the first jaws literature quiz – we have a winner!

Remember the jaws Literature Quiz? The prize draw at the Anglistik's 'Black and White Party' (check out the photos) presented us with the lucky winner of our English Goodie Package.

Cecilia Servatius is now the proud owner of a DK Guidebook to Great Britain as well as numerous edible goodies straight from Great Britain like Winegums, Cadbury chocolate, Ginger Digestives etc.

Look out for another Jaws Literature Quiz in jaws16... and the next lucky winner could be you!

jaws15jaws15 release party on april 16th, 2008

Yet another legendary release party
(check out the photos)!

jaws 15 was introduced in all its glory on April 16th in the 'Propeller'. After a brief overview on what is to be expected in this issue, illustrious poets like Jennifer McGeeney, Matthias Reichinger, Christopher Kuales, Corina Orlinger and Prof. Walter Hölbling gave stunning performances reading their poetry. As a special treat Alisa Patterer read a crazy text by the department's "Creative Writing Group" which generated great amusement amongst the audience. Jasy Wieltsch rounded up the readings with a preview of her short story "A Story from the Streets" to advertise the numerous great stories this section features.

In the comfortable atmosphere of the 'Propeller' (smoke-free for the duration of the presentation :-) a happy crowd enjoyed food and drink and of course: the spring issue of jaws!

jaws14jaws14 release party on october 30th, 2007

The newest issue of jaws, number 14, hit its audience on October 30th at an as usual well-attended release party (taking place at the ‘Afro-Asiatisches Institut’).

The snail shell-like structure of the ‘communication room’ provided an agreeably intimate atmosphere as well as an ideal acoustic ambience for our young poets: Anna Klambauer, Matthias Reichinger, Jasmine Wieltsch, Jennifer Turk and Hanna Rückl all gave bravura performances, which elicited spontaneous applause and many appreciative nods.

After the poetry reading was over, people started buying jaws and donating money for ONKI before starting to feast on the buffet. Professors and students happily met and mingled, chatting the evening away.

All in all, this release party was yet again a huge success, both emotionally and financially. We hope to see on the next release party in March 2008!

Check out the photos!

jaws13jaws13 release party on march 27th, 2007

The release party for our new issue, jaws13 (yes, it will be your lucky number ;-) took place on Tuesday, March 27th 2007, again in the 'Propeller' (Zinzendorfgasse 17), starting at 8 pm.

It featured a short 'tour' through what the new issue has to offer and another short poetry reading featuring authors who had contributed to jaws13.

Check out the photos!

Mistelzweig-Kussfoto competition winnersupdate: the 'mistelzweig kussfoto competition'

The winners are Vroni and René, both students of physics here at Karl-Franzens University. Congratulations! They won a lovely little "romantic basket" with goodies every happy couple needs.

Speaking of happy couples, we asked them how they got together and found out that they had met about a year ago and at first were "just friends" – well, really good friends, spending a lot of time together . Then, on the Sunday before the Anglistik/Amerikanistik-Fest, they finally got together – they said the whole story involved a declaration of love at a ball, then some confusion but soon the realization that they definitely were a lot more than just friends... And they actually were talked into participating in the Mistelzweig-competition by Vroni's sister – we think it definitely was a good idea to listen to her ;-)

You can see all the Mistelzweig-Kussfotos here!

Anglisti/Amerikanistik party on December 12th, 2006anglistik/amerikanistik party on dec. 12th, 2006

The first big Anglistik/Amerikanistik-Weihnachtsfest, organized by jaws and the student representatives of our departments, took place on December 12th in the main building of the Karl-Franzens University. Under the motto "Father Christmas vs. Santa Claus (featuring the Christkind)" students of all faculties partied the night away.

It was a huge success – you can see photos here, and the famous "Mistelzweig Kissing Contest" photos here! The net profit once again will be donated to the Steirische Kinderkrebshilfe!

jaws featured in the november 2006 issue of 'uni kleine zeitung'

Finally our lovely little magazine has attracted some of the local media's attention and found its way into the current issue of Kleine Zeitung's 'Uni Kleine'. You can read the (short) article here!

jaws12jaws12 release party on november 8th, 200

The new issue of jaws, number 12, was presented at a release party on Wednesday, November 8th in the 'Propeller' (Zinzendorfgasse 17). After a short presentation of the current issue a short reading of poetry by authors represented in jaws12 followed, after that people stayed for drinks and a chat. It was huge fun and a great success!

Photos can be viewed here!

to the point - poetry reading on june 7th, 2006poetry reading on june 7th, 2006

'To the point' – this was the title for a reading of poetry and short prose in The Office Pub on June 7th. Organized by James Marson & students of his 'Creative Writing' class at the English Department, and supported by jaws, this was yet another insightful literary event in the cosy atmosphere of an English pub. It included performances by: Nicole des Bouvrie, Kymber Jennings, Karin Kraus, James Marson, Matthias Reichinger, Natascha Safarik and Emily Sherwood. Oh, and here's a photo!

Dr. Moser with Maria and Maxmeeting dr. stephan moser
of the 'steirische kinderkrebshilfe'

On May 22nd Max from the jaws team and Maria from the student representatives of the English/American Department met with Dr. Stephan Moser, head of the Steirische Kinderkrebshilfe. Once again we are proud to donate the profits from the magazine sale and the 'Anglistik/Amerikanistik/jaws-Fest' (plus David Newby's 'People Who Tell the Truth' performance) – a record 1.900 Euros. Above all we would like to thank you, our contributors, readers and sponsors, for your continued support!

the winners of the jaws11 party guessing game

At the jaws11 release party we had a "How many Baked Beans are in that jar" guessing game – and we had two winners. Kerstin Stanzel (English/American Studies and Geography) and Julia Höfler (English/American Studies and Spanish) received the breakfast voucher for the 'Propeller'. Unfortunately the photo we took of them got lost in the slight chaos after the party – what we can offer is the voucher itself, which you can see if you click on the small image to the right.
Congratulations again!

jaws11jaws11 release party on march 29th, 2006

Quite simply: it was fabulous. We worked together with our departments' student representatives to really have a big 'Anglistik/Amerikanistik + jaws Fest', and we got exactly what we aimed for. And the Mozartgasse 3 foyers (the "Meerscheinschlössl) proved to be the perfect location.

But see for yourself – here are the photos!

poetry evening december 2005poetry evening on december 11th, 2005

On December 11th 2005 jaws invited you to the second poetry evening bringing together the Catherine Circle from Maribor and student poets from Graz (Astrid Klima, Martina Winkler, Matthias Reichinger and Georg Zauner) – with special guest Walter Hölbling. It took place in The Office Pub.

It was a fun night – here are some photos!

jaws10jaws10 release party on november 18th, 2005

On November 18th 2005 jaws invited everyone to welcome its new issue, number 10. The party was organised together with the Studienrichtungsvertretung Anglistik/Amerikanistik and took place in the Café Global of the Afro-Asian Institute. It was huge fun, and people chatted, drank and danced the night away till… well, the early morning hours, actually.

Check out the photos from the party!

one coffee for one line of a stroy ..."one coffee for one line of a story"…

On October 5th 2005 jaws had a very modest proposal for the students queuing up (in the main hall of the English Department) to register for courses: one free coffee for one line of an English 'Fortsetzungsgeschichte' which will be printed as the "stream of consciousness" in the next issue of the magazine. Many of the students who had been waiting since as early as 6 in the morning not only welcomed the well-earned dose of caffeine but gladly participated in the impromptu creative writing – soon a somewhat quirky story developed with each new line that was added.

Thank you, Valerie Wurschitz!praise for and farewell to valerie wurschitz and onki

On June 7th 2005 ONKI and the AAC organized a final get-together (featuring sketches and short stories by David Newby) in honour of Valerie Wurschitz, who with the end of this semester retires from her position at the English Department. The end of her work at university also marks the end of ONKI, the charity for children suffering from cancer she had founded in 1990.

Among many friends and colleagues thanking her and saying goodbye, the jaws-team proudly presented her with a final donation of 500 Euros for ONKI.

For the next full academic year we will continue to support the Steirische Kinderkrebshilfe directly, after that each year the students will together choose a different charity to support via jaws and other events organised within the department.

jaws brunch on june 1, 2005free jaws brunch on june 1st, 2005

On June 1st 2005 the scent of hot coffee and fresh cupcakes lured many students to the first jaws brunch in the Common Room of the English department. It was not only one of the last chances to buy the current issue of our magazine but also a good opportunity to get to know your fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere.

Judging from its success it is very likely that we will repeat a jaws brunch in the near future (or for issue 10 at the latest).

Tongue of Sensuality - The Catherine Circle (2005)poetry reading in maribor on may 25th, 2005

Open air poetry evening
by the Catherine Circle

It's not quite a "Dead Poets Society" – they are alive and kicking! Rita, Martina and Max of the jaws team spent a wonderful day in Maribor with their newly-made friends and literary colleagues Kristina Kocan, Eva Ferlez, Lidija Petkovic, Tomislav Kis and Tadej Bracek.

The five members of the 'Catherine Circle', students of English at Maribor University, presented their (sensual, fun and philosophic) poetry in a reading on Zidovska square 12 in Maribor. They were accompanied by live music (2 violins, 1 guitar) and an exhibition of paintings by a friend.

The setting couldn't have been more idyllic - a beautiful little square next to the Media Nox Gallery, under the shade of a majestic tree and with a view over the river Drava. It was a warm, relaxed summer evening with about 50 people enjoying the performance held alternately in Slovene and English.

We are very much looking forward to yet another visit and welcoming the Catherine Circle again in Graz in autumn!

The Catherine Circle (Maribor, 2005)poetry evening on april 27th, 2005 with the
'catherine circle' from maribor

On Wednesday, April 27th 2005, the first joint poetry evening between Maribor and Graz University took place in the cosy atmosphere of the 'People's Pub' in Gartengasse. And it definitely will not be the last. Five students from the English/American Department at Maribor uni – Eva Ferlez, Kristina Kocan, Lidija Petkovic, Tadej Bracek and Tomislav Kiss, also known as 'The Catherine Circle', presented a selection of their English poems along with students Gerhild Kastrun and Christopher Kuales from Graz.

The seven poets presented themselves as well as their texts with confidence, style and generous dashes of humor. They were accompanied by Christian Steinkogler on the guitar, making it a well-rounded programme.

After the reading both the poets and guests went straight into international socialising mode – chatting, drinking and eating (from a buffet sponsored by the English Department, to quote Prof. Kettemann: "Under one condition, there has to be some Verhackert's.") the night away. The party ended with an improvised (almost campfire-style) singalong of the remaining people.

Everybody had great fun – we are all looking forward to having another of these evenings soon!

jaws09 release party - the big magazine relaunch!jaws relaunch party on april 12, 2005

The successful relaunch of jaws magazine took place on the top floor of the American Department on April 12th 2005. Originally planned for the cellar, unforseeable logistical problems forced us to change location. Much to our advantage, as we soon realized. The roof section of the house proved to have the perfect atmosphere for a relaxed party (and not just because of the disco ball ;-)

Professors and students for the first time could get a look at and their copy of the brand new jaws09 - redesigned both concerning form and content.


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